Manage Your Care with “CDPAP”

Caring proudly presents The Caring Home Care Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP) !  With CDPAP, Home care consumers can MANAGE their home care.

Here’s how the Caring CDPAP program works:

The Home Care Consumer:

  • Hires a relative, friend or other individual as caregiver.
  • Trains their caregiver
  • Decides when their caregiver works

Caring Home Care:

  • Screens and verifies all CDPAP caregivers
  • Processes payroll for CDPAP caregivers
  • Manages Payroll and Tax Withholdings, Disability, Workers’ Compensation, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and more.

CDPAP is a Medicaid-funded program of New York State

CDPAP Frequently Asked Questions

CARING HOME CARE “CDPAP” is a Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program that enables you as an eligible home care consumer to designate a relative, friend or other individual as your caregiver.  You train and supervise your designated caregiver, who is then paid by Caring Home Care for the homecare services provided.

Who is eligible to participate in CDPAP?
To participate in Caring’s Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program, you must be:

  • Eligible for Medicaid
  • Self- directing or have an advocate willing to make decisions about the services being provided.
  • Eligible for long-term home care services.

What are the benefits of CDPAP?
The program enables independence and consumer empowerment by giving you more control over your personal care needs. You can:

  • Independently or with the assistance of an advocate, recruit, interview, train, schedule, supervise and dismiss the Personal Assistant(s) of your choice.
  • Hire as many Personal Assistants as may be deemed necessary to meet your needs, and as authorized by the Service Provider.
  • Develop a direct working relationship with the Personal Assistant.

How does Caring CDPAP work?
After determining your eligibility for CDPAP and how many hours of services are needed, you will find your personal assistant.  The assistant can be almost anyone you want — a family member, a friend, neighbor, or former aide.  A parent, spouse or designated representative cannot be a PA. It is important that you are comfortable with the individuals and that they can be trained to do the work necessary.

As your fiscal intermediary, among other responsibilities Caring Home Care will:

  • Process the payroll for each Personal Assistant. Payroll will be processed on a weekly basis provided that Caring has received the weekly signed time sheets.
  • Administer payroll and tax withholdings required by State and Federal law, Disability, Workers’ Compensation, Health Insurance, Unemployment Insurance and more.
  • Coordinate all matters that relate to the employment forms for each Personal Assistant.
  • Act as the employer of record.
  • Maintain a confidential personnel file on all hired Personal Assistants.

Caring does not manage anything that would be related to direct care. Caring takes care of the financial side, allowing you the freedom to direct care without being overburdened by paperwork.

As the manager of care, among other responsibilities you will:

  • Recruit and train your assistant
  • Make sure that there is alternate coverage if your assistant cannot make it to work.
  • Track your assistant’s time worked and sign off on time sheets and other important documents.
  • Process in a timely manner the required paperwork such as time sheets, health
  • Schedule visits with a registered nurse once every six (6) months for a nursing assessment.


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